girl before a mirror
Risa S. Horowitz

I must thank the following people. Any corresponding links can be found on the links page.

To all the people who have assisted me in completing girl before a mirror.

Technical: Paul Hamilton, Kevin Lowey, Earl Fogel and the University of Saskatchewan Arts Lab, for providing me the means to post this site. The University of Saskatchewan, Department of Art and Art History for allowing me to use their server space. The Campus Computer Store for providing me with a computer to use in the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery as a part of my graduating exhibition. Illana Schwartz for guilting me into writing code (i.e. stop using composer, no offense to the netscape people), and her humour, which often got me through those special moments. Chris Henderson, for pursuading me to go web instead. To the lovely last-mintue rave boy who found all my typos.

The College of Graduate Studies and Research: funding funding funding, and for liking what they do (i.e. being tremendously supportive and understanding of the needs of students).

Friends and Helpers:
April Britsky and Tammy O. for help printing photographs. Marcel Kerkhof, Allison Snelling and Tim Nowlin for calling out numbers. Margaret Vanderhague, Joanne Bell and Tim Nowlin for help installing all those file-cards. Michael Maranda for his assistance with database design and management, and for accusing me of still being a photographer, back When. Todd Blackman for his encouragement and support, and for feeding me all year. Tim Nowlin (again), for his unwavering friendship.

Mary Kavanagh, Donna Jones and Elizabeth Matheson for their excellent insights and thorough readings in editing my thesis.

The Art and Art History Faculty members who, at various times, served on my committee: Keith Bell, Allison Norlen, Brenda Pelkey, Peter Purdue, Patrick Traer,  and Janet Werner. A special thanks to Linda Duvall, whose consistent professional challenge, encouragement and support have been invaluable.

Many thanks to Dr. Len Findlay, an external examiner whose rigorous comments and insight I greatly appreciate.

Finally, my Mom, Esther Brown, and Dad, Charles Horowitz, for their love and continuing financial support.

And to everyone else who put up with my self-involved antics for the past two years. It's almost over.


copyright 1998-2012 Risa S. Horowitz