Risa Horowitz


Very Short Stories


Those moments stop me cold, they stop the universe cold. I'm surprised, after all this time, that I still have them. That I can still recognize them. I suppose they're called 'making a connection', but that's way too clinical. D. and I meet for the first time, shaggy haired boy, helper geek. He barely registers, not for a minute or two, until I'm crouching down, and he speaks, I don't know what, and that's when I see him. He stopped me cold, it had nothing to do with the content of his voice, something more essential. I looked up at him and held his gaze for just an extra moment, so that he ended up knowing that I'd seen him. It's those moments, like the one today, when in return, while he was crouching, he looked me up and down, and raised my awareness. I looked at him so that he knew i knew. I felt like he was devouring me and I wanted him to. Give me your body, and I'll know what to do with it. Give me your mind and spirit and I might run mad. now. kiss me hot. tell me a little something about yourself.

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