Risa Horowitz


corners | 2004-2005 | photographs (paintings; raku) |


Corners. 40x40" chromogenic colour photographs, mounted on 3mm sintra.

Corners are about making space, and are reminiscent of Minimalist or Constructivist composition. The work both aligns with and diverges from Minimalism in the strictest sense, being representational of human-fabricated architectural details. Sometimes purely aesthetic formal compositions, sometimes metaphors for a state of mind, the main body of work - chromogenic colour photographs of the corners of my Winnipeg apartment - is as personally expressive as just about anything. I'm also curious about trompe l'oeil, and op-art, and the manners in which the tools and tricks of which can be used today in a range of media.

One of the Corners is held in the collection of the Canada Council Art Bank.

Corners Corners Corners Corners Corners


Corners are 4x4" acrylic on canvas.

Corners Corners

Corners are raku fired clay that fit in the palm of your hand.

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