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Intuned Silo | 2005 | performance |

Intuned Silo

Video and some images courtesy The Banff Centre [A. Fernandes and J. Hutton] and Juan Jose Herrera.

Intuned Silo was a improvisatory collaborative sound performance between myself, Linling Hsu, and Mohammed Al-Riffai. With unique backgrounds, training and instruments [Hsu: violin; Riffai: low frequency electronic drones; Horowitz: cello**], we explored the acoustic potential of a silo/stairwell space. The interplay of the instruments, the sounds they generated in resonance with one another, and the shape of the space and its occupants combined to effect a sonic and physical experience.

This performance was a part of Sound Madness II, curated by Alissa Firth-Eagland for the Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre, during the Sound + Vision Residency

** Linling Hsu is a classically trained violinist currently exploring eastern musical styles and improvisation. Riffai is an architect and sound artist/sculptor exploring how sound can be represented physically and materially [note - the audio recording technology used for the video clip cannot represent the breadth of the frequencies Riff used for this performance. The recording and encoding, as well as most computer speakers, make the Extended Low Frequency drones practically inaudible: you are hearing mainly the cello and violin]. I had been playing the cello for only 4 months, and chose to play one note for this performance.


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