Risa Horowitz


A Small and Quiet Winter Screen | Commencing November 21, 2022, concluding March 20, 2023 |

An overwintering program of looping artworks, screened periodically from about sunset starting November 22 through spring 2023.
University of Regina campus, my studio window, visible from the plant conservatory and outdoor path to the Academic Green, between the Education and Riddell Centre buildings at ground level.


Week Twelve - March 20...
8-10pm, outside, between the bounds of Riddell Centre, the Plant Conservatory, and Education Buildings, University of Regina
Bring your own thermos and lawnchair

A final screening event featuring the works of participating artists David Garneau, Holly Fay, Mike Rollo, Troy Ouellette, John Boehme, Randy Lee Cutler, Andrew Wright, Kathleen Hearn, Gerald Saul, Jillian McDonald, Donna Szoke, Lisa Birke, the Library Research Collective (Pierre Tremblay, Dave Kemp, Alex Kurina, and Risa Horowitz), Terri Fidelak, Nic Wilson, and me.


Week One - November 21...

Hoop Dancers by Professor David Garneau


Week Two - November 28...

Grassland Waves and Cover by Holly Fay
Note to Self and Sea and Sky by Risa Horowitz


Week Three - December 5...

P L U M E by Mike Rollo
Breathing Patterns by Troy Ouellette


Week Four - December 12...

Seed and Crawl by John Boehme
Alimentary Passage and Kitchen Semiotics by Randy Lee Cutler


Week Five - January 9...

Chantry Beach Dig by Andrew Wright and Risa Horowitz
Various Urban Landscapes by Risa Horowitz


Week Six - January 16...

The Crossing (2019-2020) by Kathleen Hearn
The Crossing (2019) by Risa Horowitz


Week Seven - January 22...

Twenty Five Short Films In and About Saskatchewan by Gerald Saul


Week Eight - February 5...

Sweet Spot
A Drink with Nick
Crystal Lake by Jillian McDonald


Week Nine - February 27...

Midst by Donna Szoke
White on White (revisited) by Lisa Birke


Week Ten - March 5...

Sketches by the Library Research Collective
Pierre Tremblay, Dave Kemp, Alex Kurina, Risa Horowitz


Week Eleven - March 13...

Pretty, pretty, who needs flowers? by Terri Fidelak
The Arrangement by Nic Wilson

A Small and Quiet Winter Screen is presented with the assistance of Visual Arts Technician Jesse Goddard, Theatre and Scene Shop Technician Mason Roth, Theatre Instructor William Hales, Theatre Wardrobe Technician Cathy Mearns, Jeff Meldrum, and Assistant Professor Larissa Tiggelers.

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